Bartlett Electric Cooperative Inc

Bartlett Electric

The Bartlett cooperative is located in East Texas in the Killeen-Temple MSA and serves four (4) counties with 10700 meters and 7900 members.

There are seven (7) members on the Bartlett board. Five (5) are men, and two (2) are women. The elections are by numbered district. On paper Bartlett is one of the most diverse board in Texas. One (1) member is African-American, Henry Bradford, and he is the most senior member of the board, representing District 1 since 1981 with forty-five (45) years of service.
There is also one (1) Asian member of the board, unique to all 313 cooperative entities in the South. Henry Bradford’s also represents the Bartlett cooperative as its representative on the board of the multi-county generating cooperative, Brazos Electric, where he is the only African-American out of ten (10) board members, all ten (10) of
whom are men, giving Bradford the additionally unique position of being counted twice in numbering the African-American elected representatives on the Texas cooperative’s collective leadership ranks.

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